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We Manage Your Social Media accounts
At IshanConsult, We have team of frontline executives to manage your Social Media Accounts. For promoting your business or promote yourself, you would need all time activeness on Social Media Platforms but due to your busy schedule you might miss some very important events to campaign on social media.
Our solutions give you complete freedom to be relaxed. We will post very attractive digital posts, Greetings on all important festivals & events to your Facebook Wall, Twitter, Google+, Linked in etc so you will be active all-time to all your social friends & followers.
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Digital Marketing Solutions

social media marketing manager Indore

social media marketing manager Indore

expertise in developing Digital Marketing contents for your business. Our team of creative designers is well versed with the latest trends and design new generation digital contents.
We helped many clients on designing Digital Marketing Contents for their campaigns and brand promotions. We can provide below Digital Marketing materials as per your need:
Logo Design
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Attractive Web Profile & Portfolios
Web Profiles & Portfolio is the best way to showcase your capabilities, talents and work accomplished to the world.
We help you to design very attractive Web Profile and Portfolio of your work so the people in the world can know about you on a click. Web profile is a simple website but very attractive & responsive in nature so anyone can open this on mobile browser also.
Web Profile is also another way to keep your resume/bio-data updated on Internet so you never lost your own profile information.
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How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile

How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile

When supporters search for your organization on Google, you want them to see the best possible results on page one.

Part of this includes making sure your website profile is up to date, including your social media profiles.

Google recently published instructions for adding code to your nonprofit’s website so that your social media profiles will appear in your website’s Google Profile, like in the example below.


Currently, Google only supports these social profiles:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Myspace

To add your social media profiles to your website’s Google Profile, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have the ability to add script to your website’s backend. If you don’t, send these instructions to your website developer.
  2. Copy and paste the following code into a plain text document:
    <script type="application/ld+json">
    { "@context" : "",
      "@type" : "Organization",
      "name" : "Your Organization Name",
      "url" : "",
      "sameAs" : [ "",
  3. Add the name of your organization to the ”name” section of the script.
  4. Add your website to the “url” section of the script.
  5. Add your social media links to the ”sameAs” section of the script.
  6. Copy and paste your edited script into the head or body of your webpages. If you use WordPress, you should place this script where you place analytics or retargeting scripts.
  7. Troubleshoot your script with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

Investment Lessons From India’s Journey in ICC World Cup, 2015

The ICC Cricket World Cup, 2015 is the flavor of the season. Our Indian team is playing brilliantly with 6 wins out of 6 league games and a quarter final win against Bangladesh. It is really heartwarming for an Indian fan to see this turn-around after a disastrous tour of Australia where India managed to win only a single game in the Triangular championship. This turn-around did not happen overnight, in fact this is a result of some principles that our team management believed in and stuck to. There are some very valuable Investment lessons we can learn from the way our team has been playing.


Look at the Big Picture


Team India: There was criticism from the media and fans alike who were aghast with Rohit Sharma’s form. Similar sentiments were echoed for Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja. Some even questioned their very presence in the team. Nobody had given Mohammed Shami an outside chance to be India’s highest wicket taker.




Similarly, often times economic situations in the country may force the markets to behave differently than you would expect.It is important to keep faith and avoid the tendency to Buy-Low, Sell- High. Although it would seem like the most logical way to make quick money, historically this tendency has caused many retail investors to lose their hard-earned money. Let us get one thing straight – there is no crystal ball to predict how the markets perform. If someone had the crystal ball, he would have been the world’s richest man.


Have Faith and Back your Decisions:


Team India: In spite of being hounded by the media and fans who went so far as to question his integrity in team selection, captain cool Dhoni kept faith in his team. He shielded them and gave them the opportunity to perform. With the captain firmly on their side, the team went out and played their hearts out and the results are there for everyone to see. Dhoni’s faith in his team and his conviction to back his decisions is the fundamental reason why India which was almost counted out of the cup is the live-wire of the World Cup this year.




Similarly, when making investments, it is important to have faith in your portfolio and not try to tinker too much with it with only short term goals in mind. It helps to have a long term vision and allow your investments to weather the markets so that they are primed to reap benefits when the storms die down.


Diversification will definitely build Wealth


Team India: The best thing happening to our team right now is that every match has a different hero, every match has been won for us by a different team member. Unlike in the past, we are not burdened by one team member carrying a billion hopes anymore. We are a team that can proudly say that we are a bunch of winners under one roof. We have some of the best batsmen, some of the best bowlers and some of the best fielders in this World Cup. But the most important thing that we noticed in our team is that in each match, there was a different team member who put up his hand and delivered the goods when it mattered. In the end, it was not one man’s brilliance that got us to be where we are today, but a set of people who delivered the results when some of them could not do so well.




When it comes to investments, it’s a known fact that diversification helps reduce the risk associated with investments in the markets. But when it comes to actually investing in a diversified portfolio, we get bitten by the lazy bug and end up investing in less number of asset classes than what we should be investing. It is very prudent to go that extra mile and implement your financial plan completely so that the power of diversification helps you to accumulate wealth, same way as it is helping our Indian cricket team.




While we cheer for our Indian cricket team and celebrate their success, there are some very strong fundamental values that they teach. It would be a good idea to implement these values into our investment decisions to build wealth in the long term.


A must read story of Ratan Tata buying Jaguar to take revenge from Ford.

Ratan Tata With Jaguar The word “Great” is not the only difference in “just people” and “great people”. The story we have, should tell the reason. TATA group is a leading business house in India. Apart from scale of business operations, they are also known for values observed in their business practises.


. Ratan Tata is another man, who continued the legacy of India’s most trusted business. When someone is insulted, anger is the only outcome. However, great people can use this anger to plan business policies and goals. Ratan Tata driving first Tata Indica Tata group launched its passenger car Tata Indica in year 1998. The group was led by Ratan Tata and it was his decision to enter in the passenger car business. Tata Indica was a failure in its first year and the experiment seemed to be failing.


Many people started advising Ratan Tata that he should sell the passenger car business. Ratan Tata also agreed to this and a proposal was given to Ford, they showed interest too. Ratan Tata, along with his close team members reached Detroit to discuss the same. Detroit hosts Ford headquarter and considered and the automobile hub of United States. While the meeting went on for 3 hours, it seemed that the behaviour of Ford people was insulting toward Tata group representatives. In the meeting, chairman of Ford (Bill Ford) said to Ratan Tata, “why did you enter in the passenger car business when you were not knowing of it. It will be favor if we buy this business from you”.

Ratan Tata decided to move back home. While travelling, he was very tense as the feeling of being insulted was on his mind.

The JLR Deal – Ratan Tata After earlier failures, Tata Motors did well with its business of passenger cars but in the same period, Ford did very bad.

In 2008, when Ford was on its way of bankruptcy, Tata Group offered Ford to buy their luxury car brand Jaguar-Land Rover. Bill Ford, along with his team, reached “Bombay House”. “Bombay House” is the headquarter of Tata Group. The deal was finalized for 2.3 billion US $, which amounted to 9300 crore Indian Rupees at that time. Ford was incurring heavy losses from Jaguar – Land Rover division.


In the meeting, Bill Ford said to Ratan Tata, ” You are doing a big favor for us by buying Jaguar- Land Rover”.


Jaguar- Land Rover is now owned by Tata Group and is currently making profit.



This incidence was first disclosed by Pravin Kadle, who is the head of Tata Capital and was part of the team which had visited Ford headquarter along with Ratan Tata. Pravin Kadle told this story while receiving Y.B.Chavan award on behalf of Ratan Tata in Mumbai on 15thMarch 2015.


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