What our clients say?

In my experience with almost 40 outsourcing companies, I have found this team to be the most competitive" 

Johan Dave Smith
Head of Marketing Development

a ISHAN-Tech Great work, reliable and quick! Would hire again anytime. Communicative team to work with :)

Jaredd Mitchell
Marketing Head (SKIN Care)


OsCommerce Development Company India

OsCommerce DevelopmentOS- Commerce is open source based solution released under the GNU General Public License and serving globally to live shops for online e commerce solutions. It is secured under its community as its members help each other for the development of the system. It is great user-friendly framework under open source based solutions.

This system is having great features although it is under development process.

  • It provides great functionality as it is compatible with all 4 versions of PHP, object oriented backend (3.0) and completely multilingual with English, German, and Spanish provided by default.
  • Its installation is automatic web browser based.
  • It is very flexible to adopt changes like integration and supportive for dynamic changes.
  • OS - Commerce provides strong administrative control or back hand functionality and supports products-to-categories structure and categories-to-categories structure.
  • It provides very easy to use customer/ front hand functionality and Product Functionality. Global E- Commerce functions like Payment Functionality, Shipping Functionality and Tax Functionality.

How we perform our Projects

As we have covered wide range of projects for various industries our professionals are experienced and keep good knowledge of online environment. We are always open to handle challenging projects and to provide ultimate solution to our customers. Open source web development projects are one of our specialties in the range of customized services we provide to our clients.

Following are few convincible reasons for our success in online projects:

  • Continues Research work for online developments
  • Well managed plans for timely delivery of projects
  • Advanced professional approach towards given tasks.
  • Experienced Team for each project