Domain registration and hosting are associated with website promotion and web development. If one wants to set up a website then the other person has to buy a domain registration. Web hosting is a payment which needs to be paid for owning a website. There are many websites which offer domain registration at highly affordable rates. There are domain registration websites where you can also go ahead and buy registration. The registration provided by them would help an individual or a company to host a website. Web space does not come for free however nowadays it is becoming more and more affordable with many websites offering very nominal domain registration charges.


Generally the domain registration charges range from a few dollars to a few pounds. Hence it is not something which is frightfully expensive. There are various types of domain registrations like .net or .com or .org. it all depends on the type of website you want to create. Web development companies are also providing domain registration offers which are included as packaged deals for the customers. The customers need not pay separately for the domain registration charges but everything is included as a package. It is highly hassle free website development.


Domain names are at times selected by the web developer since they have expertise in the particular field and also one needs very unique names so that they do not clash with other names. Web hosting is another important aspect and one must understand the basic concepts of web hosting. It is more like renting a space in the domain of internet. Hence one must understand that hosting cannot be done with a special set of software. That set of software helps in saving the encoding of a particular file type since one really does not want those files to be visible to others. Hence the need for domain registration arises.


The web server must have the ability to create email ids with the name of the particular domain and also ensure smooth transmission and reception of those mails. It is not the special type of computer but the special type of software that makes the difference. There are two types of primary level hosting. One is dedicated hosting and the other is hared hosting. Shared hosting is shared by other websites. Dedicated hosting implies that the web server with its set of software helps in the hosting of a particular website which deals purely with that particular site.


There are many platforms on which the web host servers run. Hence it is important that one must understand the platforms and choose the right one to make the website run properly. Proper website hosting with proper registration will remove any hassles related to developing and maintaining a website. It takes a long time to understand all the concepts related to online web development issues and hosting in particular. However with time and patience one can go ahead and learn a lot of things related to domain and hosting of online web domains.