How to Verify Your Facebook Page With A Grey Tick

Steps To Verify Facebook Page With A Grey Tick:

Step 1. First of all login into your Facebook account and then you need to create a new Facebook page with details of any of the business of some good countries like New York, USA etc.


How to Verify Facebook Page for Grey Tick - ISHANConsult


Step 2. In the above screenshot, I was using company details that I had searched over the internet, you can too do so.

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Step 3. Now after filling up, all details proceed by clicking on Get Started, Now on the next page you will be entering the details of your page and that must be accurate and also, the website URL that you can get from the same searched result and now continue by clicking save info.


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Step 4. Now upload any appropriate profile picture for your page and this must be done.

Facebook-Page-Verification4 (1)

Step 5. Now you require to target the location for the page, you can use google map search result to drop that location here. Now head towards your Facebook page and then click on settings at the top of your page.  Now below the general section, you need to click on Page Verification option. Now there click on  Verify This Page and the ahead towards by clicking on get started button there.


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Step 6. Now you just need to fill up all the details that are your country, your businessdetails, phone number and all the fields that you will get there.


Step 7. After filling all the details, you just need to click on the option Call me now you will now get OTP on your filled phone number and you have to verify it there.


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Step 8. Just click on Continue and that’s it! you are done, now your page is verified. Now you can now have your official local business with a grey tick verified Facebook page.


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So above is all about Verify your Facebook Page for Grey Tick. With this approach, you can preserve lots of money that you spend on getting your page verified, as the process is very simple and you will get your page verified. Hope you like my work, do share this with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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